Small Groups

Helping each other depend on God

The 4 purposes of small groups are:

  • Build friendships
  • Study the Bible
  • Help each other grow in our faith
  • Practical care

Just Looking - Are you 'Just Looking'?
How about coming to group for those who are not yet sure about Jesus, and faith, but would enjoy meeting to explore this by discussing a biography of Jesus together. Stuart's led such groups and has always found that nearly everyone gets a lot out of looking at the evidence themselves and chatting through it with others. No strings attached. See our Just Looking page.

Details of Groups
Tues. 8pm Bishopston group at Mike and Tasha's house on Kennington Avenue, Esher. Leaders: Nick and Kathi.

Tues. 7:30pm Gloucester Estate group at Paul and Hannah's on Purton Road, Esher. Leaders: Paul and Hannah.

Tues. 8pm Clifton group at Claire and Herve's on St. John's Road, Esher. Leaders: Sarah & Robin Ford.

Weds. 7pm Clifton group at Margaret and Jon Matthew's on Apsley Road, Thames Ditton Leaders: Margaret and Jon or Sarah Lowen

Tues. 7:30pm East Side (Knowle) group at Joel and Ruth's house on Stoneleigh Walk, Esher. Leader: Huw Geoffries

Weds. 8pm Redland group at Peter and Alison's house on Harcourt Road, Leatherhead. Leader: Peter Coleman.

Fri. Fellowship. Friday mornings at Esher Church. Contact David Smith.